So Here's One Possible Solution

posted Jan 18, 2013, 5:19 AM by APEXX - old Inc   [ updated Mar 26, 2013, 1:49 PM ]
Back in 2009 I was shown this sketch of the block APEXX is located on - redeveloped.  I've always liked that sketch and have wanted to move forward with it.  I propose APEXX builds the first building in this sketch to get the project underway to clean up this blighted district in Lake Delton.  Lets get the domino effect started.  Until the rest of the block gets redeveloped, APEXX would take the lead getting it underway.
Any developers interested in partnering on this project contact Mike at 608-254-6600

This drawing done in 2009 for APEXX's new office building was rejected by Lake Delton - it included underground parking for its tenants. It is unknown why this wasn't approved and given the green light to build.

Also in 2009 I was shown another drawing for APEXX's block done by the firm Lake Delton uses - MSA.  This drawing shows a 10,000sf building within APEXX's property boundaries. Exactly as APEXX wishes to do.  So one would think APEXX is pre-approved to do exactly what the village is planning?

In 2010 APEXX was rejected on another building drawn up for consideration.  Same for 2011.  2012 discussions were all green lights to build our "Office of the Future" designed as a green building.  Then it came time to get the final approval to commence building and it was road blocked - per the 10/11/2012 post.