Michael Wentland has been in the investment industry for over 20 years.  

Markets are volatile.  If the market only went up, then clients wouldn’t need an advisor.  We're here to help.

"We have three IRAs, two 401(k)s, two CDs and a checking."    That's a list, not a plan.  
revolves around strategic plans.  Don't predict.  Plan.  F
ocus should be on the long term and not the noise of the day to day.  
With complexity comes decay.  Therefore keep it simple is often a proven strategy.

From the World of Twitter: “Instead of checking your portfolio value again today, try digging up that tree you planted last week to see if the roots are growing.”
Patience is always stressed.  Always give your strategies an opportunity to do their job.
We plan (we don't predict).  The best way to predict the future is to create it.
We're proactive (not reactive).  Reacting to what happens in just the short run is not how we operate our long term investment strategies.  Remember the dip of 2008?  Was it wise to sell then?  Address any concerns at a market high point, as well as low point.

APEXX® does Life Event Wealth Management.  Examples:  Changing jobs, retirement, new child, inheritance, business owners retirement plans... and so on
Client education and counsel.  Example: Systems vs. Goals: Losing 10 pounds is a goal, learning to eat right is a system - and systems achieve goals.  APEXX® does this for the investment world.  
Creating financial plans.  Example:  What is your current strategy to assure lifestyle sustaining income for the rest of your life?

Answers.  APEXX®

                                We’re just scratching the surface on what APEXX® does…



Not at your last job?  Your 401(k) shouldn't be either.  
APEXX® specializes in tax-free work rollovers, 
      As well as helping those persons just doing some rate shopping.
Being sold a "great rate" investment idea?  First find out how great it really is.  What’s the term?  Were you also told how your principal can fluctuate when rates change?  Do you think rates will increase or decrease going forward?  How will that affect your principal value?  Would you feel the value of your principal is more or less important then the rate you are being told you'd receive?  How does inflation impact your return?  There is a lot more to an investment then just the "rate."  APEXX® is here to help you answer these questions so you truly get the most suitable investment you need.  It's your money.  Invest it wisely.
Your financial strength deserves a 2nd opinion.  No obligation 2nd opinion anytime you’re ready.  (608) 254-6600

APEXX's Experience Shows

Because of that, our clients do the marketing for us - thank you!
"You don't own success, you rent it.  And the rent is due every day."
APEXX® is here to help you Grow, Protect, Preserve, & Distribute wealth.  Every cent counts.
                                                                                                     Let APEXX® help you fine tune strategies.

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